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Happy Pupils. Happy Parents.

Can’t recommend this lovely lady enough!
She has supported my little girl so much through these lockdowns (and me!) and has built a wonderful relationship with her, so much so she looks forward to every lesson she has with her.
She makes it fun and exciting whilst helping her to learn, always finding relatable exercises that is specific for my child.
Zella ensures she keeps you involved and does her upmost to accommodate you.
So glad I was reccomend to this gem of a lady. A million times over THANK YOU x
Parent, Review on Facebook

I highly recommend Zella for her tutoring services. Zella has been tutoring my daughter through Year 1. My daughter has made huge progress this year especially in her phonics. Zella worked so hard with her to help her understand her sounds and sent home those she found hard for us the practice. She went from really struggling with the practice phonics test words to totally smashing the test. Thank you Zella for all your support and encouragement

Parent, Review on Facebook
I love maths now! I just imagine your voice in my head when I’m doing it so I’m going to take your voice to school with me in my head to help me.
Pupil, Year 2
I liked everything especially doing the quizzes because they were fun.  I also liked how kind Zella is.
I would like to say a big thank you because Zella helped me so much and now I am way smarter than I used to be.
Pupil, Year 6, end of tuition evaluation.

Organised and experienced teaching tailored to the children’s needs with regular updates on progress, Thank you!

Parent, end of tuition evaluation
I can not recommend Zella enough, 5 stars is an understatement! Both my children have weekly sessions with Zella before & during this pandemic, one English one maths.
They have both come on leaps and bounds & their attitude to learning with her is amazing, they were no where near enthusiastic with me during lockdown!
Her fun fresh approach is definitely taking effect as my daughter has gone up a level in maths to year 6 work, she is so proud of herself which has given her a new found confidence to learning.
I can’t thank you enough, the kids were buzzing after their session with you last night !
Parent, Review on Facebook
I like coming here because its not with other children and if I don’t know an answer I don’t feel embarrassed.  At school if I get an answer wrong on the carpet my teacher says, “That’s not quite right” and asks someone else but here you help me right away.
Pupil, Year 5
I feel like Einstein doing this! (N Year 6- learning to calculate angles)
Pupil, Year 6 - learning to calculate angles

I highly recommend Zella for her tutoring services. My son (age 7) was really struggling with reading and writing. Zella understood his learning needs. I noticed a difference within weeks when reading with him. She has given him so much confidence. I’m glad we found her, and I’m sure my son is too.

Parent, Review on Facebook
Because I’m coming to you, I’m not scared of asking maths questions anymore and I’m moving on to extension tasks at school quicker every day!
Pupil, Year 5
It’s fun learning with games so it’s not just like more school stuff. You are way funnier than the teachers at school, you make learning way more fun.
Pupil, Year 4

Zella has been a wonderful addition to my son’s education. He is making great progress and is gaining in confidence with all areas of maths. She is always so professional and friendly, making my son feel at ease. Highly recommended.

Parent, Review on Facebook
I think my confidence has been powered up with tutoring.
Pupil, Year 3
Its good when you keep trying different ways until I understand, you don’t give up and I don’t give up!
Pupil, Year 3
I like that I can talk about my mistakes and that I can look at them in a different way until I understand.
Pupil, Year 6